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I have found my home in the Body & Mind area since 2004. Today I am a member of the Yoga Alliance® and registered yoga teacher. In addition to attending various workshops and conferences regularly these educations form my base:

  • Vinyasa Power Yoga 500h Master diploma
  • international Antigravity ® Aerial Yoga Master Trainer, Instructor and presenter
  • Aerial Flow Yoga 50h
  • AcroYoga, Elemental, Lunar and Solar Immersion
  • international bodyART ® Instructor Level 1; Level 2: Module Contact I
  • Anatomy and functionality training

My current passion are music-flows with and without hammock. This is how I combine flowing vinyasas, music and breathing.


„Yoga is time for myself, time to relax. After every class I feel invigorated for everyday life.



I practice and teach a mix of the following yoga styles: Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga or AcroYoga- there is something for everyone! I love passive, meditative Yin, in deep connection with yourself, just as much as active AcroYoga, where you perform spectacular acrobatic moves together with your partner. The feeling of being carried, to lift others, trust and learning to let go defines this unique practice for me.


  • 200h Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Training
  • AcroYoga, Solar Immersion (30h)
  • Acro Yoga Luna Immersion (30h)
  • FLYoga Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (30h)
  • Intensive “Alignment and Adjustments” (30h)
  • Intensive “Selfpractice and Sequencing” (30h)
  • 200h Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began 2012 with Aerial Yoga. The interaction of relaxation, stretching and strength plus the fascination of aesthetic acrobatics got me hooked until today.

Over time I discovered more yoga styles especially AcroYoga, where my focus is on „rising above“.

The Aerial Yoga education 2017 was my first step into teaching followed directly by the FeetUp teacher training in February- stay tuned for more news on that.
The next education is already finished: I am a certified Vinyasa Power Yoga teacher (200h). And my teacher path will go on…

For me yoga is

  • feeling myself, here and now
  • getting to know myself better- every time
  • accepting myself as I am
  • connecting movement and breath
  • activating self-healing mechanisms
  • being one with everything
  • and taking this experience, calmness and energy into everyday life…



My name is Paolo and I am an Italian yoga and dance teacher based in Heidelberg.
I’ve been a dancer for 6 seasons in the Dance Company Nanine Linning, Theater Heidelberg until I decided to deepen my Yoga studies and practices.
I certificated in Rishikesh, north of India, in Himalayan yoga (Hatha Yoga from the Himalayan traditions) with the Indian Master Yogi Ram Ji (

I’ve been practicing Yoga since 2008 and since than I’ve always been interested in getting a deeper knowledge of the tools given by Yoga. I would love to share with you the path I have done so far and the research I am in, to channel and integrate the Practice in our daily life.


Aerial Yoga, for me is having my feet off the ground and enjoying the freedom of flight!

When I was first introduced to Antigravity® in 2015, I knew I had found my calling. I found the fusion of yoga and suspension fitness with the aerial arts truly fascinating and love the physical and mental lightness it leaves me with. It is a vault of numerous benefits, allowing us to decompress our spine from everyday strains of life.  I am currently certified in Antigravity® Fundamentals 1 & 2, and wish to share my knowledge by assisting participants to reach their own potentials while giving them a good workout.