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I’m feeling inspired

Yesterday I saw this wonderful video featuring my favourite German dragqueen and activist, Barbie Breakout, who found the exact right words about people who want to divide us, lead with fear and do NOT provide a single solution. Watch the video here

I can only say- and I did so in the YouTube-comment-section:

So important from start to finish! I was also the other child who had to go through the hatred of those around me, and I wouldn’t wish that on „concerned“ parents or other children. Thank you @barbiebreakout again

Inspired by Trixie Mattel I would like to add this very simple and clear statement:

being different is not hard- haters make it hard

There are too many examples of hate and violent attacks against people who are different. In other words: people are being attacked for being their authentic selves. You can have your opinion about that, attacking them is not acceptable and actually criminal in most countries.

Many people survive and turn their experiences into something beautiful. Tom Rasmussen is a survivor, who wrote and performed the powerful song „street violence“, combined it with Shon Faye’s words and I can’t get enough of their performance. I cannot recommend Tom’s Album „body building“ enough- it’s a very strong contender for my album of the year. Until then enjoy two Abbey Road performances here

Last but not least Bjork dropped her beautiful collaboration with Rosalía for a good cause. You can make art AND save the planet at the same time. Watch the video here and consider donating if you can