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Sticks & Stones

Last year we went to the queer job and career fair Sticks & Stones in Berlin for the first time. And we travelled there in style.

The atmosphere is unlike any other job and career fair I’ve ever seen. The people are themselves- very much like the motto: “WORK WHERE YOU ARE CELEBRATED, NOT WHERE YOU ARE TOLERATED”. At the same time I’ve heard in conversations with people that some companies are good with their communication, while having room for improvement.

For the first time yesterday the fair was held in Cologne, and I went there again. Knowing the drill by now, I went directly to the coaching registration desk and secured my spot with a diversity and career coach. I enjoyed that session a lot and received valuable feedback and inspiration.

The gap between communication and action is very real and the process of looking for inclusive projects and employers can feel very lonely. This fair shows you, that the struggle is real, that different people have very different struggles and most importantly: you are not alone.

The speakers, coaches and exhibitors are an inspiration that we as a society and the working world is moving into an inclusive direction where diversity is celebrated- it is the fair’s motto and mine.

The fair will be bigger, more colourful and more diverse when they return to Berlin on 28 & 29 JUNE 2024. Get your free ticket HERE and join the movement.