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SIM- Sustainable & Inclusive Marketing

What Is Success?

I understand marketing as securing the long-term success of a company. Communication is the visible result of a strategic marketing process. The definition of success is expanding from a purely financial perspective to include environmental and social aspects. 

What’s The Minimum?

Sustainability & inclusion are two umbrella terms that everyone defines differently and that change over time. The minimum requirements of these dimensions are expanding and regulation is increasing. Net-Zero is the current minimum requirement for sustainability IF you reduce sustainability to climate. Is „non-discrimination“ the minimum requirement of inclusion? And does that definition include personality, all internal, external and organisational dimensions?


The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) expands the minimum requirements for documenting corporate performance to include environmental and social dimensions. Reporting will become mandatory for an estimated 50,000 companies in Europe (15,000 of them in Germany) from the 2023 financial year (estimation by KPMG).

Marketing For Future!

As marketing strategists assessing companies for future viability, we need to pay particular attention to sustainability, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). Now is the time for leaders with a sustainable and inclusive mindset to set up, develop and make companies, processes and products financially successful in a sustainable and inclusive way. 80% of business and product decisions are made in the design phase (European commission).

The Power Of Community!

I am NOT looking for companies that say: we do the bare minimum because we have to.

I am looking for allies with whom I can analyse and transform companies – internally and externally. 

I am looking for the big and long-term transformation, a team where we discuss ideas and perspectives. A space where we explore what is possible and design a way to get there. Let’s do this together.

sustainable&inclusive marketing