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Happy Traditional Holidays?

I don’t like doing things just because it’s tradition. What does that even mean: you detach your brain from your body and just go with everything somebody made up not asking questions? I was raised catholic, and that was traumatic enough. 

Around this time of year, choose your words wisely and be as inclusive as possible. If you don’t know what somebody celebrates: ask! Learn about traditions from others, take what inspires you and start your own tradition.

I enjoy it a lot when people take traditions and twist them. Matteo Lane talks about sustainability and diversity in his very own way in this short clip.

Most sustainable decisions are made BEFORE the holidays. Maybe you had some good ideas how to support people or organizations in need, re-gift stuff that you don’t need, or you got creative with presents that make a difference like adopting a tree if you are in a privileged position like me. All the decisions how we celebrate this time of year (where do we meet, what do we eat etc.) have an impact on the planet.

My wish for you is, that you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones the way you want it, listen and dance to some holiday music- take a look at my suggestions below or on the right- depending on your screen size- or jump to the mashup 2022 story.

Take some time to be thankful for what you have and reflect- those new year’s resolutions are just around the corner 😉. Happy holidays