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Change Perspective

When I think about change and why a lot of people hate it, I wonder: where does that resistance to change come from? Is it fear, is it protecting what you have worked hard for, is it admitting mistakes, is it ego?

I understand all of these reactions and impulses to protect yourself, your family, your company or country.

Overcome Fear

I think we are blessed to live in a time where we know a lot. With all that knowledge we can analyze situations better and make better decisions. What I am seeing though is fear and protectionism. 

With great power comes great responsibility

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Fear as a concept is something that has worked for me when I grew up and internalised homophobia. I unlearned that concept, put in a lot of work, and today I’m free. With my freedom come opportunities, and I wonder how can I support others to overcome fear?


I overcome fear with education. I study a topic or situation, learn from others, draw conclusions, take a look at the options and their consequences and make the best possible decision. Fear disappears during that process.

Education changes perspectives and makes new opportunities possible. That is why my take on change today is: let’s educate ourselves and change perspectives. I am calling for action: let’s take our knowledge, learn, educate others and change perspective from crisis to opportunity. 

Change For Businesses

After a job interview yesterday I am especially thinking about companies. Porsche Consulting has published their white paper “change management compass 2023” and It confirms that companies are going through fundamental transformations. No stone remains unturned, entire business models are up for discussion. They have identified megatrends: digitalization, sustainability and diversity. 

What if we take these megatrends and accept them as the new dimensions every product and business model has to meet. Of course this adds complexity and potential to switch into crisis-mode- nobody says this is easy. I think we have the knowledge and intelligence to switch into opportunity-mode to design new products and companies beyond our imagination.

The Purpose Of Businesses

The Business Roundtable (a nonprofit lobbyist association based in Washington, D.C. whose members are chief executive officers of major United States companies) updated their statement on purpose of a corporation in 2019. They shifted from „highest rates of return“ to: serving customers, building a workforce of diversity, inclusion and respect and protecting the environment with sustainable practices. 


Imagine ALL businesses would do that. With this change of perspective we would achieve the speed and scale that we need now to get people on board instead of silently or actively quitting. We would design a beautiful future for everybody. Let’s think about that for a while.

Freedom & Celebration

We have the freedom of that perspective-change now before more crises disrupt our life and force us to change. Let’s use that opportunity and design a future where we can celebrate this beautiful life. Let’s also celebrate our victories along the way. Small ones, medium ones, big ones. Share your success story with others and inspire them. It’s time for action, let’s go NOW.