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Live Music

Girl, 2022 was a fantastic year for music and the year when I saw so many artists live as all the postponed concerts finally took place- except Tori Amos and I will see her in April.

One of my 2022 highlights was Sasha Velour’s smoke & mirrors show. The confluence of drag, projections, story telling and lip-synced music is exquisite performance art and a show that is hard to describe. Educational, entertaining and diversity-affirming (I would say). If you don’t know her house, take a look at the house of Velour’s youtube channel. 

January 2023 ended with the long anticipated release of Sam Smith’s album „gloria“ and boy, they delivered. „Unholy“ was already one of the songs of 2022 and „I’m not here to make friends“ is how I imagine an unapologetic George Michael song AND video in 2023- let’s go outside and let’s see Sam live in May.


One of the early surprises of the year is Jake Shear’s new song and video „too much music“. This song is in my ear on repeat and I am not getting tired of it.

After 2 fantastic singles RAYE released her album „my 21st century blues“. This beautiful and talented singer with a message is fucking killing it. The Graham Norton show moment is only one of many examples that prove it. Listen to „environmental anxiety“ and you will find the topics I’m talking about in that song. You’re welcome for this rabbit hole.

Queen bey finally gave us the announcement of a tour and I will do a lot to see her in Frankfurt this year after seeing the OTR II tour 2018. Fingers crossed.

This weekend we will have the Grammys, the super bowl halftime show and the BRITS follow later this month and I am already looking forward to those live performances. Enjoy