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Solar FLYpower

My personal climate epiphany was in July 2022 when we finally started producing our own clean solar energy, and more than double the amount that we need today.

That journey began in 2020 when I started researching a solution for the roof of our house that needed new skylights, insulation and for the first time solar panels. I started strategically and wanted to combine tiles and solar modules in one. But I did not find convincing providers of such systems, and I was not willing to pay the green premium for underperforming solutions. Tesla tiles are still not available in Germany and Meyerburger has pushed the launch of their solar tiles to 2023.

As we wanted a solution now, we went for smart implementation and found a roofer who we pushed to use natural material for the insulation and reuse the existing gutter. And we found an energy provider who installed on-top-solar-modules with battery and wallbox plus a cloud-solution where we store our excessive energy that we produce during summer and get it back in winter (which led me to the question: why don’t energy providers outsource clean energy production to their customers, and they focus on distribution and storage. I guess because long-term energy storage is the tricky part, but at least that should be their mindset for future business).

Producing our own clean energy completely opened my mind to more sustainable change around our house and the next sustainable transition for our heating system and more projects are already underway.

Beside finding solutions for our own situation I inspire family and friends to follow our example or find sustainable solutions for their situations.

But I want more, and this is why I am working on my sustainability career.