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Facts, Figures & Data

The Diversity Charter’s factsheet 2024 is here!

If you want to be convincing, you need the right arguments. The factsheet therefore provides you with numerous up-to-date facts on the topic of diversity in the workplace.

Did you know, for example?

📌 43% of companies that train their HR managers to deal with applicants without prejudice fill vacancies within 2 months.

📌 In 88% of companies, the work culture has improved since people with disabilities were hired.

📌 55% of non-managerial employees in diverse teams rate their own satisfaction as „good“ to „very good“.

You can now find these and other facts, including sources for further reading, in the new factsheet. You can find the link to the Englisch version here:

Zum Factsheet auf Deutsch

Factsheet Diversity