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New Year's Resolution 2023

Possibility & Freedom

I don’t do new year’s resolutions but I like starting new traditions- you’ve probably read that in my holiday story.

2022 is coming to an end and I am leaving my motto of the year (no shame, no guilt) behind. This year was about letting go of negative influences from the past- and I will continue to do so. The more the year progressed the more space for positive guides opened up and it made a profound change.

For 2023 I am making a conscious decision to give even more room to new and positive impulses. 

2023 is year 3 of the delivery decade and if we want to achieve a sustainable world where diversity is celebrated, we need to change from resignation and violence to compassion and inspiration.

My inspiration comes from the trans-community: 

Monroe Bergdorf is one of my role-models because she stays positive even in situations where it would be way easier to be destructive or give up. She pushes to turn a crisis into an opportunity. If you don’t know her L’Oréal story, listen to it HERE.

Laverne Cox manages to „stay in the love“, a phrase that she used to sign her emails and still uses today, while trailblazing for the transgender community. „Disclosure“ is a Netflix-documentary that she executive produced and in case you don’t know it, at least watch the trailer HERE.

I’m on my way, and sometimes I struggle to overcome rage or resignation. But when we do, we open up to the beautiful possibilities of creating exactly the world that we would like to see and live in.

Let me finish with words that I have taken from Chase Strangio, an American lawyer and transgender rights activist. I took the liberty to extend them from the trans- to the queer-community:

„Sometimes I try to understand why queer people are so terrifying to people. Why are we seen as such a threat? And ultimately, I think the scariest thing we represent is possibility and freedom. And that is our gift to all of you. A reminder to ask yourself if you can realize or imagine more freedom and more possibility for YOUR life. Moving forward we must find compassion and inspiration from diversity.“

Wishing a healthy and peaceful 2023 full of possibility & freedom to all of you.

Transition from 2022 to 2023