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Speed & Scale- 2024 Update

In 2021, John Doerr’s book „Speed & Scale“ outlined a path to save a livable planet. Now, in a data-driven update, he and his team are sharing the world’s progress towards net zero emissions, through 10 objectives, each with their own video. 

Find the introduction video to the Speed & Scale Tracker Update below. Explore the 2024 Global Climate Tracker HERE to monitor progress across ten critical objectives and their key results. 

I already said in 2022 that we need everybody to save the world- and I still stand by that. In 2024 my version is:


Follow my daily update on all 10 objectives over the next 11 days. Gain your competitive advantage NOW by cutting your part of 59 gigatons of emissions to net zero by 2050. You need support? Just contact me.