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Diverse Businesses Are More Successful

I know that it is the right thing to celebrate diversity. And I support people who convince others why commitment to diversity is important. Here is a reminder WHAT Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and their benefits are, HOW to achieve them and most importantly WHY.

Michael Bach, author and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, said it best:


What is Diversity & Inclusion?

D&I refer to the set of strategies, policies, and missions adopted by a company to create and encourage an inclusive workplace that attracts a diverse pool of talent from various cultural backgrounds.

Apart from being a business advantage, companies with D&I policies and practices are more creative and supportive of different voices, thus attracting the top talent in any industry.


  • Refers to ALL the differences that make individuals unique
  • The concept of bringing different people together in the same place
  • Achieved when recruiters aim towards heterogeneity and fight any biases in the hiring process
  • Relies on inclusion for successful execution


  • Refers to the conscious efforts, behaviours, policies, and norms to make every person feel seen, heard, and valued with their unique differences
  • The strategies and methods that help diversity work in an organization
  • Achieved when all members in an organization feel psychologically safe and included
  • Is vital for diversity to work
The Many Benefits of Fostering Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

ALL of these benefits are your choice AND your responsibility as a leader, aren’t they?

How to Improve Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace
  1. Educate People In Leadership Positions

  2. Set Up A Council

  3. Hire Diversely

  4. Replace Culture Fit with Culture Add

  5. Connect and Communicate

  6. Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

  7. Encourage and Enable Creativity and Innovation

  8. Keep a Check on Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Don’t Forget Equity

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and InclusionEquity in the workplace refers to fair and impartial processes and outcomes for each individual in the company.

To ensure fair and impartial processes and outcomes, leaders and employers need to be mindful of the challenges, barriers, and advantages at play for everyone at any given point in time.

Equity is the reminder that not everyone starts at the same level playing field, and so swift action is paramount to building a fair workplace.

Why? Simon Sinek!

Simon is the king of asking WHY. He has started the optimism company, and it is just inspiring. Take a look at his why HERE. Below he shares his view on D&I, enjoy.

When we work hard for something we don’t believe in, it’s called stress.

When we work hard for something we love, it’s called passion.

Simon Sinek

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