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New Year's Resolution 2024

And, action!

There was enough time for thinking in 2023. Enough time for recurring thoughts, resignation and delusion. We are thinking giants and implementation dwarfs. About time for action- and at the same time my new year’s resolution:

Time for ACTION!

As I set the direction for the next 365 days, inclusion and sustainability are my focus. Our daily actions determine the trajectory and tiny choices add up over time- exponential growth. It is estimated that we make 35,000 choices per dayMost people sleep around seven hours a day, that makes roughly 2,000 decisions per hour or one decision every two seconds. It does not matter if the figures are correct, you can change things with your actions every two seconds! And I’ve learned that there are over 70 elections worldwide in 2024 where decisions are VERY important.

Your choices matter!

Herstory will not care about your excuses and the things you did NOT do. The quality of your actions are determined by your goalsAlways ask WHAT you want to achieve for whom? „Achieving more“ and „doing something digital“ are no goals. They do provide no answer to WHAT you want to achieve. Growth is a statistic and it has certain effects. Digital processes with data and sensors provide input for decisions. The best data and the best digital processes without an actual purpose can have a good, bad or no impact. Always ask WHO is benefitting from the goal and who is left out or harmed?

Question the goals, set inclusive & sustainable goals

In nature we call it seasons, in companies we call it circular economy. Think about what happens before, during and after you use certain products and services. Especially when you design products and services, apply circular design principles.

 Follow the natural flow

Respect yourself, others and the planetary boundaries. You can monitor the progress across ten critical objectives and their key results (OKRs) HEREWith the current status of these OKRs there should be more action plans, rules and regulations in place. Here is my friendly reminder: we are thinking giants and implementation dwarfs.

Think less- do more!

Last but not least: Be kind to yourself, others and nature. Make mistakes, learn from them, correct them. Inspire yourself and others. Apologise and have fun along the way.

Play and have fun

Wishing you all a healthy and peaceful 2024 full of action.

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