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What do we do?

Yoga gives us wings. We combine asanas to a flowing movement- a flow- and fly together through the vinyasas. Our breath guides us- sometimes in sync with music- and creates meditation in motion.

We fly acrobatically with one, multiple partners or hammock and reach new heights that we celebrate together.

We fly therapeutically with a partner or hammock, and enjoy the relaxation. With altered perception we go invigorated into everyday life.

Apparently we have a strong urge to fly…

What is Yoga?

Many have agonized about this question. We have experienced Patrick Broome several times, who provides this relatively simple answer: „For me, yoga is freedom from mental and physical constraints: Anyone who has ever practiced yoga, was able to experience this first hand after yoga class. After yoga I am usually very comfortable in my body, I find people around me much more sympathetic, the traffic jam on the way home is only half as unnerving and even the professional and private concerns are not so oppressive. My perception has changed; not the situation itself, but my personal contribution to their interpretation. This miracle amazes me every single day. „

Source: Abendzeitung München (Google translate is your friend)

Yoga has an effect

If you still doubt that, Yogaeasy has checked more then 3 000 studies and provides an overview here (Google translate is your friend).

Endlich Beweise: Die Wissenschaft über Yoga Bluthochdruck, Rückenschmerzen, Chemotherapie und Diabetes: Yoga heilt! Eine Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Studien.